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Green IT Sponsored By:
CIO Executive Panels - Green IT Discussions
Beth S. Perlman
Beth S. Perlman

CIO & SVP, Constellation Energy
Stephen Elliot
Stephen Elliot

Research Director, Enterprise Systems Management, IDC
Atefeh Riazi
Atefeh Riazi

Senior Partner & CIO, Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide
Steve Brasen
Steve Brasen

Senior Analyst, EMA
Michelle Bailey
Michelle Bailey

VP Research, Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends, IDC
Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill

Senior Research Analyst, Technology, Aberdeen Group
A shift in consumer opinion and the creation of new government regulations in favor of protecting the environment have pushed green issues onto the boardroom agenda. Companies that don't accept the need to reduce greenhouse emissions will have to answer to a diverse set of stakeholders, including investors, rule-makers, watchdogs, consumers and the media. As a result it's going to be a very different world for CIOs in the near future. Forward looking CIOs and technology leaders won't simply be reactive to this change, they will lead it. Through sound strategy and investment, IT departments are in a unique position to make a profound and genuine impact on not only a corporation's ability to be environmentally responsible, but to improve the bottom line while doing so.

Green Initiatives: Lowering Costs and Increasing Efficiency in the Data Center Green Initiatives: Lowering Costs and Increasing Efficiency in the Data Center
Conserving energy, reducing floor space, and managing utility costs are becoming major priorities for IT organizations.
The Greening of IT The Greening of IT
Environmental responsibility has emerged as an important consideration for corporations today. This report examines the Green IT issue through the ideas, perspectives and opinions of various analysts.
Atefeh Riazi explains Ogilvy and Mather's approach to Green IT Atefeh Riazi explains Ogilvy and Mather's approach to Green IT
Ogilvy and Mather's client list reads like a who's who of blue chip brands. Senior Partner and Chief Information Officer, Atefeh Riazi tells us why - and how- they're going green.
Lean and green Lean and green
As business and the public become aware of the shocking degree of data center sprawl and its profound environmental consequences, companies are turning to Green initiatives and realizing unprecedented financial benefits in the process.
 5 Steps to Green IT 5 Steps to Green IT
The greening of the technology industry is a trend that's developing with impressive velocity, and with good reason. Companies must build power and e-waste solutions into their budgets and RFPs.