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Stay informed with RSS WAN Application Optimization and Network Management

The most up-to-date, advanced information on WAN application optimization for the IT executive. CIOs can gain access to the pertinent information they need for WAN application delivery across their organizations.

Unified Communications Strategies for Businesses

Unified communications in business have fundamentally changed the way our work days exist. Tying in the business processes and applications in with the tools of unified communication (email, IM, voice, video, conferencing, web chat and more) can make a business run more efficiently.

Data Center Optimization and Virtualization

Data center optimization is the most important first step to aligning business and IT. By optimizing data center performance, IT organizations can discover what they have and what they need in addition to applying the appropriate resources, while simultaneously tracking the impact on business service levels.

Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Workforce Solutions

Enterprise mobility benefits the organizations that can look upon it as an opportunity for growth in business processes. As more and more enterprise mobility solutions are introduced to the market, companies who have a strong understanding of mobile business security and how it plays into a mobile workforce will thrive.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM)

In order for businesses to be more flexible, efficient and competitive, they are turning to business process management (BPM) enabled by service-oriented architecture more and more. The challenge to support new business processes and maintain agility in an organization requires intense collaboration between IT and business management departments.

Virtualization 2.0 and Data Center Optimization

Server virtualization was only the beginning when it comes to optimizing the data center. Now that Virtualization 2.0 has arrived, IT professionals are optimizing data centers by virtualizing above and below the operating system.

Green IT and Eco-Friendly Technology

As enterprises rely more and more on IT resources to keep a company running, the strain on energy brought forth by data center requirements has grown exponentially. From this, Green IT was born.

Data Security and Network Information Integrity

Data security has become increasingly important as enterprises large and small are moving toward more advanced and complex data centers and networks. As IT professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve the protection of their data and systems, defining optimal network security has become top priority.

BSM & ITIL v3 - Information Technology Infrastructure Library

As the business world and the IT world converge, it has become more and more important that both teams speak the same language. With the release of ITIL v3, the IT professional has had to shift his focus into a more service-oriented role.

Business Intelligence for More Efficient Business Applications

CIOs across the globe are tasked with running an efficient network within an organization and making applications as user-friendly as possible. Using effective business intelligence solutions is only the first step toward empowering CIOs to make better decisions faster.

Customer Centric Enterprise and Customer Relationship Management

Managing customer relationships has previously been viewed as a sales or customer service role, but as these teams rely on IT more and more, utilizing the right CRM technology has become a necessity for a customer centric enterprise. With effective enterprise resource planning and quality customer relations, organizations can be well on their way to achieving real customer loyalty via reliable systems and relevant customer research..

SaaS & Cloud Computing

SaaS & Cloud Computing. .

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