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Building Case - Based Solutions: Better Decision Making in a Diverse and Competitive Financial Services Marketplace

Building Case - Based Solutions: Better Decision Making in a Diverse and Competitive Financial Services Marketplace

Trying to juggle the needs and demands of internal clients and stakeholders is an ongoing challenge for most CIOs. Balancing new application development projects with ongoing maintenance activities can require not only skill and agility, but time and resources that many organizations cannot afford. This session provides an overview of how to leverage a comprehensive and flexible case management solution.

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Automating, Orchestrating, and Accelerating Systems by Combining Business Process Management and Business Rules Management with EMC

Eurobank EFG Group is an international banking organization, employing more than 22, 000 people with over 1,500 branches and points of sale across South Eastern and Central Europe. As with all major financial institutions, there come challenges with trying to provide the customer the most advanced banking service through the most up to date technology.

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Dynamic Case Management - An Old Idea Catches New Fire

Interest in case management has climbed higher and higher throughout 2009. Drivers include: 1) an increased need to manage the costs and risks of servicing customer requests- like loans, claims, and benefits; 2) a greater emphasis on automatic and tracking inconsistent

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