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Global Records Compliance: What You Need to Know (IDC White Paper)

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Articles in Business Technology

Digital information continues to grow aggressively. IDC sized the digital universe at close to 800,000 petabytes in 2009 and forecasts that the volume of digital data will total 1.2 million petabytes by the end of 2010 and 35 zettabytes by 2020. Volume growth will be fueled by the proliferation of new applications, new infrastructure technologies, enhanced text analytics and data mining algorithms, and location-aware and nontraditional mobile devices.

The introduction of new technologies into the corporate network creates more digital information. Organizations need to assess and manage this new and growing digital information to comply with their regulatory, legal, and business obligations. In 2008, IDC concluded that between 22% and 33% of the digital universe is considered high-value information. Historical and business operations, legal obligations, and legal requirements demand that data be managed for its security, compliance, and preservation profile. IDC also concludes that valuable information will rise to 35% to 45% of the digital universe by the end of 2012.

Intact-tech Ten questions and answers about digital data disclosure in an increasingly litigious and regulated world (Intact Technology White Paper)
In corporations and government agencies alike, there is a growing need to ensure that digital content is easily accessible in order to comply with the latest regulatory requirements, escalating e-discovery demands from the courts, and shareholder information requests.
Kollabria Records Management For SharePoint (Kollabria White Paper)
This technology eGuide is sponsored by Kollabria. It is an educational guide on records management for Microsoft SharePoint managers discussing: what a record is, Microsoft SharePoint and Records Management, how SharePoint handles records, SharePoint security and permissions, extending SharePoint records management, and an introduction to HP TRIM.
Hp 70 Selecting an Enterprise Records Management system - enabling best practice records management
This paper explores the selection process for an ERM that will enable industry best practice records management. The paper also examines the core functionality needed for recordkeeping control processes, the challenges of the selection process, and the benefits that will be realized.
Esg 70px Enterprise Strategy Group Report - HP Data Protector and Deduplication Solutions
This ESG Lab Validation Report examines Hewlett Packard's family of backup and recovery solutions that combine the power of HP StorageWorks Virtual Library Systems (VLS) in the data center and the agility of HP D2D appliances in remote offices, tied together with HP Data Protector backup and recovery software.
Hp 70 Effectively managing storage virtualization with HP Storage Essentials
HP Storage Essentials can help your IT organization understand what is going on in your virtualized storage environment better to optimize utilization, deliver better storage service to business applications, and reduce the cost of storage hardware and storage management.
Hp 70 Application Retirement Using HP Database Archiving Software
HP offers a one stop shop for all archiving needs including pure archiving, application retirement, compliance, legal hold, and sub-setting. The HP Database Archiving solution helps accelerate performance, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize resource utilization, thereby enhancing the customer experience.