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HP BTO software: Accelerate Time to Business Outcomes

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Articles in Business Technology

Speed and agility will define the successful companies of the future. To keep up with the rapidly changing, ever transforming world of business, today's IT leaders are turning to business technology optimization (BTO). They are now using BTO software to move forward, free up resources and drive growth potential, resulting in successful business outcomes.

In trying to gain agility, growth and keep up with technology advancements, the business hierarchy is strained. CEOs now rely on CIOs to implement internal change; IT leaders are too relied upon to fulfill companies' growth agendas; however cost cutting remains a significant obstacle and CEOs are unwilling to increase IT budgets. This results in a growing gap between the expectations placed on IT departments and IT's capacity to deliver.

A solution to this challenge is found as more and more IT departments rely on BTO software. BTO software enables IT groups to:

  • Facilitate alignment between IT and the business
  • Automate and optimize key functions within IT silos
  • Automate key processes across these IT silos with a lifecycle approach

In doing so, BTO helps ensure that every dollar, resource and application invested in IT meets the desired business goal.

HP BTO software is a strong example of how application can optimize key functions within IT strategy, ultimately accelerating positive business outcomes. Additional benefits of HP BTO Software include:

  • Optimize CIOs decision making by giving them visibility into all demands made on IT
  • Enables CTOs to better leverage SOA to gain control of their strategic initiatives
  • Optimizes application quality and performance, to help reduce the time, cost and risk of business application delivery
  • Helps enhance the production performance of an application

Further, HP BTO drives IT staff productivity by automating tasks associated with the existing infrastructure and allowing IT to understand the health of every area of the network.

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