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Yankee Group Mobile WAN Optimization Report

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Articles in Business Technology

Mobile work continues to evolve. What was once limited to laptop-carrying professionals working outside of the office has expanded to encompass a much wider range of users and use cases. While iterant professionals remain an important group of mobile workers, they are hardly the only one. Home-based workers and locations where multiple users share a single device (i.e., a retail location) are two additional examples of the broadening definition of mobile work. This explosion in mobility and the increasing number of ways to connect with the corporate network has created an IT environment that is very difficult to manage and that leads to inconsistent user experiences. Mobile WAN optimization can help overcome these challenges by improving the performance of critical enterprise applications, which lowers the cost of effectively supporting mobile workers and eliminates the need for many organizations to pursue expensive upgrade strategies.

This report introduces the concept of mobile WAN optimization and provides three case studies that highlight how this emerging technology can help IT departments achieve what previously appeared to be conflicting goals. Each demonstrates how mobile WAN optimization leads to projects that have a fast payback, improve productivity and cut costs.

Riverbed Yankee Group Mobile WAN Optimization Report
Mobile work continues to evolve. Your organization must keep up with the demands of its mobile workforce. This report introduces the concept of mobile WAN optimization and provides three case studies including RCM, PRTM and Einstein that highlight how this emerging technology can help IT departments achieve what previously appeared to be conflicting goals.
Riverbed What's Needed for Cloud Computing
Just what is cloud computing anyway? Skeptics might say it is nothing but industry hyperbole, visionaries might say it is the future of IT. In reality, both statements are true-cloud computing has been embellished by the tech industry, but it does hold real potential for new types of on-demand dynamic IT services. This paper seeks to clarify the definition of cloud computing, identify how far along users are in terms of cloud deployment, and examine the role of the network in the cloud computing model.
Riverbed The CIO's New Guide to Design of Global IT Infrastructure
Is it possible to eliminate the impact of distance? This paper explores the 5 key principles successful CIOs are using to redesign IT infrastructure of any size. Learn how to be prepared to adapt your environment in a way that supports distributed employees, anytime anywhere collaboration and the need for business continuity during a disaster.
Podcast 70w Dk Grey Successful IT Consolidation
Consolidating branch offices can be an efficient strategy, but you must know when it makes sense to consolidate all or part of the branch office. This podcast covers the rules of thumb for successful IT consolidation and explains the top three challenges for IT.

Riverbed Increase IT Performance from the Enterprise to the Cloud with WAN Optimization - Taneja Group
WAN optimization plays an important role in today's highly distributed datacenters and cloud computing architectures. Massive consolidation and data mobility, enabled by virtualization, have radically altered how we build servers, design applications, and deploy storage for the emerging 'cloud' decade. This paper discusses how Riverbed solutions effectively eliminate IT performance constraints in such environments.
Riverbed Improving Business Value of WAN Optimization - IDC Whitepaper
Want to achieve faster ROI with WAN optimization? Read the latest IDC report and discover how you can cut IT costs without compromising performance, gain greater efficiency, and improve productivity and overall satisfaction.
Forrester Forrester Consulting - Optimizing Users and Applications in a Mobile World
Are your workers going increasingly mobile? Don't wait for their calls to slam Support when they experience poor application performance on the road. Discover in the Forrester report how companies are successfully deploying WAN optimization solutions that are specifically tuned for a mobile environment, delivering the acceleration needed to ensure consistent performance, room for new applications, and the ability to ensure end user productivity at all times.
Riverbed ESG - Why SharePoint Needs Riverbed WAN Optimization
Many SharePoint implementations are mission critical, yet access to these sites is often thwarted by poor network performance. In this analyst report from ESG, you'll discover how, much like Microsoft Exchange and other collaboration applications, companies deploying SharePoint can benefit from WAN optimization solutions, ensuring that they make the most of its productivity and information sharing capabilities.
Esg 70px ESG - Avoiding the Hazards of IT Consolidation
In an effort to reduce costs and streamline operations, today's large, distributed organizations are investing more in data center transformation, consolidation, and server virtualization. And yet many IT consolidation projects suffer from poor planning and implementation issues that ultimately impact application performance and user productivity. This technology brief investigates the processes and tools that are needed to provide complete enterprise visibility and WAN acceleration for high-priority traffic.