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Customer Centric Enterprise Sponsored By:
CIO Executive Panels - Customer Centric Enterprise Discussions
Catherine S. Brune
Catherine S. Brune

SVP, CIO, Allstate Insurance
Zeus Kerravala
Zeus Kerravala

SVP, Enterprise Communication, Yankee Group
Sheryl Kingstone
Sheryl Kingstone

Director, Enterprise Research, Yankee Group
Peter Ostrow
Peter Ostrow

VP & Group Director, Customer Management, Aberdeen Group
Paul DeBeasi
Paul DeBeasi

Senior Analyst, Burton Group
Jim Metzler
Jim Metzler

VP, Ashton & Metzler Associates
Developing a Customer Centric Enterprise is crucial in differentiating a company and paving the road for long-term success. Today, business growth often depends on focusing on the needs of customer relationships in order to improve marketing, sales and other customer service processes. For many organizations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are easy concepts, but a hard reality. There are certain basic elements that every organization needs to get right to effectively manage their customer relationships. Solid foundations can be built by developing a clear CRM vision and strategy, focusing on compliance, security, rationalized platforms, ensuring good data quality and delivering a positive customer experience. However, for a business to compete and grow, it needs innovation not only of its products, but in how it attracts, keeps, and extends relationships with its customers.

Customer 1-on-1 : Creating the Personalized Business Ecosystem Customer 1-on-1 : Creating the Personalized Business Ecosystem
A digitized world has changed production and consumption paradigms irrevocably. As the consumer moves online, his sphere of activities-social, transactional, recreational, knowledge-oriented-are increasingly being conducted in the virtual space. HCL's customer-centric solution for Media and Publishing companies helps create such a personalized interaction zone for online consumers through relevant data aggregation, advanced analytics and web techniques to promote products, services, trials and deal offers that are almost
The Key to a Customer Centric Enterprise The Key to a Customer Centric Enterprise
Companies needs differ when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM). Even divisions within the same organization face disparate CRM challenges. Some need a quick fix for a single issue, others seeks a CRM solution that can tackle multiple customer-facing processes.

Glenn Schneider, CIO, Discover Financial on the Role of Technology in the Business Glenn Schneider, CIO, Discover Financial on the Role of Technology in the Business
Glenn Schneider, CIO, Discover Financial, Business Technology and Customer Advocacy, provides a rare glimpse behind the familiar Discover credit card to reveal a close alignment between business and technology to better serve customers.
Scott Jennings Scott Jennings
Scott Jennings, Director North American Operations, BOARD Int'l: Discusses How BOARD International is Playing a Key Role within the Corporate Performance Management Space.

Coordination or Collaboration? Coordination or Collaboration?
Mitch Lieberman, VP Marketing Strategy, Sword Ciboodle presents 'Coordination or Collaboration?' at Social CRM 2011. Lieberman talks about the cross cutting of social CRM and addresses the tug of war over communication tools that exists within many organizations.

Driving the Customer-Centric Contact Center Driving the Customer-Centric Contact Center
In this webinar, Dave Boulanger, Aberdeen Group and Trent Fulcher, Cincom, look at new ways to use customer service as a strategic differentiator.

Taking a Predictive View on Customer Experience Management Taking a Predictive View on Customer Experience Management
The environment that creates customer dissatisfaction-related churn in video services, is primarily caused by the reactive approach that cable companies take toward problem resolution. HCL advocates the use of technology to create capabilities that drive a proactive and preventive approach to problem identification and response. Such capabilities can create competitive advantage in such a market, stanching revenue loss and safeguarding overall enterprise networth. In the sections below, we examine in detail the current scenario in the video services market and present a technology framework that can enable this.
Six Essentials for Cross Channel Success Six Essentials for Cross Channel Success
Customers are interacting with businesses through multiple touch points for research, ordering, payment, tracking and customer service. Many retailers that invested in cross-channel management did not consider the pitfalls and ended up in disjointed business processes, inconsistent channels and a loosely integrated ecosystem. We have helped our customers successfully transition their siloed individual channels to become cross-channel efficient by an approach with six essentials - Business Solutions, Integration, Architecture, Governance, Performance Measurement and Network and Infrastructure Management. The result - enhanced customer experience, visibility to customers' shopping behavior and improved conversion rate.
Rewarding Relationships Rewarding Relationships
Glenn Schneider, SVP & CIO, Discover Financial Services identifies his goal as CIO to deliver bottom-line results faster and more effectively.
Keeping the Customer Satisfied Keeping the Customer Satisfied
Trent Fulcher of Cincom Systems explains how in order to keep the customer satisfied, you must stop hiding the call center agent because your customer wants to talk.
How Can Everyday People Do Extraordinary Things?  How Can Everyday People Do Extraordinary Things?
Improving the customer experience used to mean your IT department would have to maintain a complicated process of integrating communication hardware and software from multiple vendors.
The Visible Supply Chain: Ensuring end-to-end optimization The Visible Supply Chain: Ensuring end-to-end optimization
Creating a visible supply chain is an undertaking not to be taken lightly. This project has IT elements, but essentially it is about business performance. Many of the building blocks for a visible supply chain are already in place but you must create visibility deliberately and thoughtfully if it is to serve as a competitive differentiator and a facilitator of improved profitability.
The Role of ERP in Globalization: A low-cost approach to new markets The Role of ERP in Globalization: A low-cost approach to new markets
Globalization presents both business and technology challenges. Aberdeen sees the pressures driving globalization to be clearly oriented towards growth and cost reduction, with improved customer service being a consideration.