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CIO Executive Panels - Unified Business Communications Discussions
Bern Elliot
Bern Elliot

VP Research, Gartner
Richard LeFave
Richard LeFave

Former CIO, Sprint Nextel
Zeus Kerravala
Zeus Kerravala

SVP, Enterprise Communication, Yankee Group
Patricia B. Morrison
Patricia B. Morrison

EVP & CIO, Motorola
Marty Parker
Marty Parker

Principal, Unicomm Consulting
Bojan Simic
Bojan Simic

Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group
Unified Communications (UC) is changing the way enterprises do business. The fundamental shift in communication infrastructure and strategy options go far beyond the selections available for the device. UC solutions represent a new generation of communication tools, building upon previously siloed components and tasks. UC components include messaging (email, IM, voice, video), calling (audio, video), conferencing (audio, web, video), presence, device awareness, information sharing (web chat, file sharing, document sharing), mobility, business applications and database access, tied together with a common user interface.

Tying these tools with business processes and applications makes them exponentially more useful to businesses and workers. The convenience of unified voice and data communications has long been a key convergence benefit, at least in theory. In practice, few users today find themselves operating in a truly unified environment. Solutions that have been cobbled together through acquisitions can be so complex and poorly integrated that they are simply too unwieldy to install, manage, use and support. Developing the right strategy will faciliate the business benefits Unified Communications promise. On the other hand, the wrong strategy can lead to a situation where any business benefit is elimated by costly disruptions and on-going technical issues.

NEC Provides Unified Communications Solutions NEC Provides Unified Communications Solutions
Is IT Prepared for the Mobile Worker Onslaught? One of the impacts of the current business environment is the increased need for user mobility. Employees and managers are more mobile than anytime in the past.
Head to Head: Bern Elliot and Keith Bromley Head to Head: Bern Elliot and Keith Bromley
Gartner Research Group's Research Vice President Bern Elliot and NEC's Product Marketing Manager, Keith Bromley go head to head to discuss the business case behind Unified Business Communications

Dave Barnes, CIO & SVP, UPS Dave Barnes, CIO & SVP, UPS
Dave Barnes, CIO, UPS, discusses innovative IT strategies to lead an agile, responsive, and dynamic business

Miercom Impact Analysis Miercom Impact Analysis
Cisco Systems/ Miercom impact analysis of their Cisco Unified Communications.
Why You Should Consider Unified Communications Why You Should Consider Unified Communications
Business communications is undergoing a rather dramatic evolution. Today it has expanded to a broader universe of 'messages' which may take the form of e-mails, video clips, faxes and more.
Top UC Applications Are Now Apparent Top UC Applications Are Now Apparent
For the past few years, customers and suppliers have been asking questions about unified communications and ROI from unified communications. We're now seeing the answers.
The Wireless Data Roaming Quagmire The Wireless Data Roaming Quagmire
Crafting an efficient worldwide mobile data access strategy can feel like trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle when several pieces are missing.
ROI of IP Telephony ROI of IP Telephony
The ROI of IP Telephony Management - Recent research reveals that organizations can significantly reduce IP telephony operational costs.
A Practical Approach to Unified Communications A Practical Approach to Unified Communications
Many companies are considering moving to pure IP-telephony systems, but some IT managers remain wary of the risks and costs associated with ripping out their current infrastructure and taking the IP plunge.